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Top 10 Fat Burning Drinks

Fat burn involves changing eating, drinking and exercise habits. It is impossible to burn fat if changing in lifestyle doesn't involves. Increasing daily activity levels and consuming the right amounts of high quality, nutrient dense foods can help a person to burn fat as well as losing some body weight. In this quarantine times every wants to remain fit and healthy, but still some people end up on consuming alcohol, high sugar and high calories drink which leads to weight gain and health problem but don't worry after much studies we are sharing list of healthy drinks replacing sugary, alcohol drinks to burn more fat. So The following beverages may help promote weight loss and fat burn if a person incorporates them into a healthiful diet and activity plan. Readmore : Since our website  is now selected in Top 200 Fitness Blogs In . You Can Read Our Fitness Blogs On Feedspot As Well As Other Blogs Too. Below Is The Link In Which You'

Top 5 Compound Exercises To Gain Size And Strength

Muscular Body

What Is Compound Exercise?

Compound refers to multi-joint, when multiple-joints work perfoming any heavy physical activity that is known as compound movements. In strength training when you perform any single exercise, and most of your muscle groups works that is compound or multi-exercise. Isolation movements have their place but certainly work on single or targeted muscle group, but in compound or multi-joint movement there numerous muscle groups are envolved to generate power and to perform that activity.

What Are The Benefits Of Compound Exercises? 

Compound exercises typicaly work across multiple joints of body. It required more balance and coordination, these exercises are better and harder to perform when you compare them with isolation exercises. These are key for gaining size, strength and endurance. These movements address many actions at once, making them more effective. It raises your heart rate and core temperature so you can perform more challenging movements. These movements have significant benefits to health, they improves cardiovascular health and they are more effective in burning excessive body fat, they improves flexibility in body to perform better so below is our list of top 5 compound exercises to gain size and strength.

1. Barbell Squats

Barbell Squats

Squats are considered as a king of all exercises, it builds seroius muscle mass in various parts of your body, it is the vital exercise if you want an athletical looking attractive body. Squats generally targets your lower body more, the more muscles get involve in performing squats such as quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus and and calves. It strengthens your lower body as well as your core and ups your metabolism to burn more fat. It improves the balance and physical performance of body.

Steps To Perform :

1. To begin this exercise, set up a bar with the amount of weight that you would like to perform on a squat rack.

2. Lift the bar off of the rack and position the weight so that it is rested upon your traps.

3. Keeping your head upward and looking forward, slightly bend at your knees and push back your hips then lower your body slowly to the floor.

4. Slowly lower your body until your quadriceps are parallel to the ground then hold for a count feeling stretch in your muscles.

5. Return back up to the starting position and repeat for as many reps and sets are required.

2. Deadlift



Deadlift refers to lifting weigh without momentum
Such as weights lying on the ground. It is one of the few standard weight training exercises in which all repititions begin with dead weight. 
The is one of the best exercise to gain size and strength. while permorming, small amount of energy is stored in the stretched muscles and tendons in the eccentric phase if the lifter is not flexible beyond the range of motion.
There are many variations of this exercise, you can use dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells using single or both hand, but standard barbell is the best of them because you can perform with full range of motion which makes it more effective. However, deadlifts generally uses the hips and legs as primary movers but it engages back muscles and core muscles also.

Steps To Perform :

1. Start off standing in front of a barbell with your feet shoulder-width apart.

2. Pick up the barbell while keeping your arms extended straight down.

3. Stand up straight with the barbell in your hands, and refrain from moving your arms.

4. Bend back down at the knees with barbell.

5. Repeat for the desired amount of reps.

3. Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press
Barbell Bench Press

The bench press is an upper body weight training exercise the weights are pressed upwards lying on a bench. A barbell is generally used to hold the weight. In this exercise the main muscles targeted are pecs, deltoids, triceps and biceps to lift weights ulwards. This is one of the best exercise to build your upper body and make it look more attractive.
The barbell bench press is one of the three lifts in sport of powerlifting alongside deadlift and squat, and is the only lift in the slort of paralympic powerlifting. Youn can build a massive size and strength if you perform in consistent and proper way.

Steps To Perform :

1. Lie with your back flat on a bench with your feet firmly on the ground and bar resting on bench's rack.

2. Slowly lift the bar off the rack and hold it above your chest as this will be the starting position.

3. Then lower the bar down until it is slightly above your chest, making sure it doesn't touch or slam your chest.

4. Hold this position briefly and make sure you have complete control of the bar, then raise it back to the starting position.

5. Place the bar on the rack and that will complete your set.

4. Barbell Bent-over Row

Barbell Bent-over Row
Barbell Bent-over Row

A bent-over row is a compound movement that targets a variety of bsck muscles. The bent over row is often used in both powerlifting and bodybuilding. This is one of the best exercise to gain size snd strength. There are many variants of this forms, you can use barbell, dumbbells or kettlebells, but standard barbell bent-over row is best of them all.

Steps To Perform :

1. To begin this exercise, stand in front of a barbell with your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend over untill your back is parallel with the floor.

2. Grab the bar with a shoulder width grip then lift the bar up off of the ground and this will be your starting position.

3. Take the bar and raise it up towards your chest using a controlled motion and continue untill the bar is almost touching ypur lower chest.

4. Hold this position for a few seconds, squeezing your back muscles and then lower the bar back to the starting position.

5. Cable Seated Row

Cable Seated Row
Cable Seated Row

Rowing is an exercise where the purpose is to strengthen the muscles that draw the rower's arms towards body as well as that retract the scapulae and that supports the spine. This is a very good exercise to strengthen your arms, back and core. While performing make sure to use back and abdominal muscles to prevent lower back injury.
This exercise is somehow a mimic of deadlift but here you are not using a lower body that much. This exercise is very effective to gain endurance under high tension your muscles becomes very tensed.

Steps To Perform :

1. Start of sitting at a low pulley machine with your feet rested against the footrests or floor in front of you keeping your feet slightly bent.

2. Keeping your abs tight and your back straight, sit in the upright position.

3. Slightly lean forward and grap onto the pulleys.

4. Once you have a grip on the pulleys, keep your elbows at your chest and slowly bring them back.

5. Pause at the top of the movement and squeeze your back muscles.

6. Hold for a count and then return back to the starting position.

So these are selected top 5 compound exercises to gain size and strength.

You should be doing these exercises you want build some serious mass. Do follow these exercises and proper diet you'll definitely see the results in very quick time.


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